Our Process

Our Oil goes through an intricate process which allows us to provide you with the best available oil on the market.

We will explain our process of creating oils from start to finish.

1. Superior Farming

The base of the oil is the ingredients used to make it and CBDextracts only uses the finest of hemp plants that are grown in the farms of Los Angeles, California. Extra care is taken by the growers to ensure our hemp is free of surrounding toxins. 
A bad plant can lead to a ineffective oil which suffers in the amount of CBD it contains. We lead a strict quality control procedure within our farms to make sure that only the best plants pass the farming stage on to the next one. We know a plant is good using various indicators including the plant being pesticide and GMO free.

2. Hemp Plant Preperation 

Once our plants are carefully selected, they are harvested, dried and stored. They are then passed onto our mill were the plants are grounded into powder. The powder is then passed onto our manufacturing team whose job it is to remove the oil from the plant. This process is undertaken using strict guidelines that produces the oil in such a way it is completely safe to consume. Many of our competitors use harsh chemicals to extract the oil such as propane or butane gas however we use a delicate Carbon Dioxide extraction method which ensures our consumers safety.

3. Extraction and Segregation

We extract our oil from the hemp plant in such a way that all the of miraculous cannabinoids, proteins and terpenes that make our oil so effective are preserved and available to consume. We do this by a very special extraction process which removes undesirable compounds while keeping the desirable ones.
This makes not only our CBD oil full spectrum (preserving much more than CBD) but also of the best quality available.

4. Third Party Lab Tested

Before our oil reaches the hands of any consumers it is sent to independent labs for testing to make sure no unwanted compounds have slipped into the oil. This is also where we carry out further quality control testing to ensure the oil if of the best standard and potency. And if it is not it is disposed of and we start the process all the way from the beginning. However the Oil that does pass our third party lab testing receives a certificate of testing which we have made available to view here. 
Using our very specific process we provide an oil of such high quality because why should you waste money on an oil that is anything less?

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