What is CBD and does it really help?

What Is CBD?

CBD - also known as Cannabidiol is one of 113 different cannabinoid compounds that make up the cannabis plant naturally. CBD is a component of the cannabis plant that has significant therapeutic properties but does not intoxicate you - does not give you the "high" that consuming marijuana would normally give you. This is because CBD oil does not contain the other component of the cannabis plant known as THC. This is the component that makes you feel "high" and has several negative effects such as depression, nausea, and paranoia.


Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD is not psychoactive – it will not get you high. Two common types of cannabis plants are Marijuana and Hemp. One of the main difference between the two plants is Marijuana (Cannabis Indica) intoxicates you whereas Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) does not. THC and CBD are the two main components of the cannabis plant. The oil retrieved from Marijuana plants are almost loaded with THC and is illegal to buy or sell unless for medical purposes that fall within the law. The oil retrieved from the hemp on the other hand has hardly any THC (less than 0.2%), what it lacks in THC it makes up for higher amounts of CBD. CBD has the relaxing effects and health benefits of marijuana without the disruption to your mental or physical capacity.




Any CBD oil made from hemp is legal to buy and sell in the UK. The law states that CBD oil is legal in the UK if it has a THC content of below 0.2%. CBDextracts products have a THC content of below 0.2% therefore falls within the government guidelines.



If it doesn’t get you high, what does CBD do?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a system that produces its own set of cannabinoids. Several different neurotransmitters and receptors spread throughout the body in the ECS to to regulate and balance many processes in the body. CBD does not bind to the receptors within the ECS system, it works on the enzymes that are responsible for re-uptaking the endocannabinoids after they have been used. CBD gives the body access to more of its own endocannabinoids, these endocannabinoids allow the ECS to carry out its functions with more ease. By improving the ECS, all systems of the body experience an increase in their function in overall health and wellness.



What are some of the benefits of CBD?


It is anti-inflammatory; has neuroprotective properties; lowers blood pressure; works as an adaptogen ; helps with anxiety; avoid nausea and vomiting; stimulates appetite (very useful in cases of anorexia and cachexia); has analgesic properties; and it has been shown to be effective in the treatment of epilepsy and Alzheimer's, as well as in the treatment of pain.


What experiences have people had with CBD and does it really help?

“I have been researching into CBD for a while, that's when I got introduced to CBDextracts! I have been having anxiety ever since I lost my loved ones, and had just given up! Had the willpower to do absolutely nothing, was going through a very bad period in my life. I had thought there's no harm in giving CBD a go, and now being a CBD user for over 1 year now, I can say CBD has given me an escape from all the trauma! Great service, and have had great sleeps by using this! Love love love it !!!!! ” says Amy.


“I am really into gym, take this product before a workout and after it! I find it makes me feel alot better, and perform to the best of my ability. Also helps with the fatigueness from the previous training session. Good stuff”. - Daniel


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