What is the 'Entourage Effect'?


CBD and Natural Compounds-
Many different compounds found in the cannabis plant also work with CBD to add to the benefits. These natural compounds have additional advantages on their own that can improve the body's general wellbeing.

The Entourage Effect-

The entourage effect suggests that when you have a presence of more than just CBD, like the other cannabinoids, especially terpenes, where you will get a better effect from the product that you are ingesting or putting on your skin.

Researchers believe that a terpene like myrcene, increases your body's ability to absorb the cannabinoids, also a combination of terpenes and CBN and CBD has been shown to help with pain, anxiety and stress in a more efficient way than if your looking at the CBD molecule alone.

In other words, the entourage effect is when you get the benefits of multiple plant compounds that are present in the hemp and cannabis plant, whereas with alot of the products as of right now that only contain CBD, you get the benefits for CBD alone and not the additional benefits that the entourage effect stands for.

Terpenes and Cannabinoids -

The synergy of the cannabinoids and terpenes is known as the entourage effect. It supports the natural functioning of the Endocannabinoid system. In the 1990s, it was discovered that cannabinoid receptors are produced naturally in our body's brain, peripheral nerves, organs, and immune system. They are also involved in appetite, mood and pain suppresion. In the brain, they help regulate the actions of other neurotransmitters and mediate the psychoactive of cannabis. Only one plant on Earth produces compounds that activate those same receptors - cannabis.
THC and CBD enhance our ECS and with terpenes impart feelings and therapeutic benefits.


3 Different Types of CBD Products-

Currently, you'll find 3 different products in the market.

CBD isolate products -
Made with CBD molecule and nothing else- meaning that all the other naturally occuring cannabinoids like CBN, CBC and CBG have been stripped away.

Since there are no terpenes or different cannabinoids present, you won't get the Entourage Effect when utilizing CBD isolate item. Though you will be getting the effects of CBD itself with this item, and very limited cannabis effects.

Full Spectrum CBD -

Full spectrum CBD contains a whole array of different cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Full spectrum is proven to be far more effective in treating pain than CBD alone, and creates an entourage effect.

Products that contain full spectrum include other beneficial cannabinoids. The body uses certain nutrients to avail the benefits of another. For example, the body cannot absorb calcium without adequate vitamin D, likewise vitamin B12 is necessary for the absorption of iron.
The presence of other cannabinoids in CBD increases absorption and bioavailability in the body. The more CBD your body uses, the more effective it is and the less products you'll need!

All of CBDextracts items are full spectrum and contain under 0.2% THC.
Read more to find out CBD and how it works in the body.

Broad Spectrum CBD -

Broad spectrum CBD includes a process that differs from CBD isolate and Full Spectrum CBD. It removes all hints of THC, but is still produced from the extraction of the terpenes and Cannabinoids present in the plant. You will not get the Entourage effect by broad spectrum products, though it will be similar effects as Full Spectrum products, just without the THC.

Does your product offer the Entourage Effect?

We witness there are different who are looking to use the full spectrum for different reasons, for one - people who are looking to target a more specific use.
People who want to get the most out of their CBD experience.
People with more severe conditions or conditions that CBD isolate and Broad Spectrum could not provide.

All of CBDextracts items are full spectrum – which implies you'll have the option to appreciate the full advantages of the Entourage Effect.

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